Clean and Deodorize Your Disposal

Garbage disposals are fantastic kitchen tools that are usually utilized often. They allow us to keep from stinking up our garbage can with those left over scraps from our plates. However; have you ever turned on the disposal only to be greeted with that ever so lovely smell of rotten food? This is because even though we use and abuse our disposals we usually don’t give them much TLC when it comes to cleaning. There are a few different ways to go about cleaning your garbage disposal. You can always purchase products from the store that are made for this purpose but we here at Maid Advantage will show you some ways to do the job with ingredients you probably have lying around the house. This will be much cheaper, and we actually think it works better than the chemicals.
1. Remove large debris:
Before deep cleaning your disposal you should be sure to remove any large debris that has fallen inside, like silverware or bones. BEFORE STICKING ANYTHING DOWN YOUR DISPOSAL BE SURE TO TURN THE FUSE OFF!! This is the most important step. Also use tongs or another object to pull out debris do NOT stick your hand down the disposal, just to be safe.
2. Clean the outer parts:
If your disposal has those rubber flaps you want to make sure to clean those before cleaning the inside. Food can build up on the bottoms and create that funky smell we are trying to get rid of. The best way we have found to clean this is to use a bottle brush or an old toothbrush and some dish soap. Again, be sure your fuse is still turned off for this step as you will be sticking the brush into the drain. Make sure […]

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