Winterization Services

A&R Property Preservation Services can winterize your properties in according to your instructions and/or applicable Investor/Insurer guidelines. A standard winterization generally includes:

  • Draining of all plumbing and heating systems as required
  • Using air pressure to clear the system of water
  • Adding anti-freeze to all traps and fixtures
  • Shutting off water supply to the property
  • Disconnecting the water meter, removing it from the cradle and leaving it on the premises
  • Disconnecting the feed pipe leading to the main water valve and plugging or capping it
  • Placing tags, labels, warning signs, and dates on all items winterized, including A&R Property Preservation Service’s address and telephone number on all tags and labels

Winterization Re-Check:

A&R Property Preservation Services can inspect a winterization previously performed at a property to attempt to determine if it is still effective. Upon instruction, if A&R Property Preservation Services finds that the winterization is not in effect, we will winterize the property.

Dewinterization services are also available!