Inspection Services

The primary goal of A & R Property Service’s inspection services is to provide timely and accurate information regarding occupancy status, first time vacancy, and property condition. Inspections are completed in compliance with Investor/Insurer guidelines when needed.  A & R Property Services provides the client with direct and immediate information.  Not only do we perform exterior, visual inspections, but we also ensure property preservation and preventative action by completing interior inspections. The combination of both services allows us to effectively and accurately evaluate property condition and need, inside and out. A & R Property Services offers the following Property Inspection Services:

Property Inspections:

A visual, exterior inspection for occupancy verification per client instruction with a property description and no interior access. The inspection can be performed at the frequency requested by the client.

Field Inspection to Verify Occupancy:

A&R Property Preservation Services will perform a contact inspection for occupancy with no interior access and two attempts to verify the names of the property occupants. We will check with neighbors, review the name on the utility account, and check local phone books for listings if contact is not made with the occupant. These services can be utilized for eviction proceedings or quality control on origination.

Monthly Interior Inspections on Vacant and Secure Properties:

A & R Property Services provides the option of ordering exterior and interior monthly inspections on vacant and lock box-secured properties to insure compliance with city or home owner association rules and regulations. We will provide information based on a visual “walk-through” inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. The main emphasis and purpose of the exterior and interior inspections is to alert the client to any visible damages or situations that, if not addressed immediately, could lead to damages or the issuance of a citation by the city or home owners associations.  Documentation will be in the form of a written report with photographic documentation of the exterior of the property.