Tip #4: Give Your Home a Facelift

What better way could there be to finish out our curb appeal segment than to give your home itself a facelift. If your gorgeous walkways and sparkling clean driveway lead to a not so fabulous looking home your enhanced curb appeal may feel incomplete. On this last article we will be giving you three different ways to make your home look new and refreshed!



Clean out or replace your gutters:

Replacing those old and falling apart gutters can make a big difference to the look of your home. Broken down gutters often lack at their job as well; so replacing them can prevent some serious water damage! There are many different types and styles of gutter systems to use; the most common being aluminum. Whether you decide for simplistic or something a little more fancy, gutters are something that should never be neglected on your home. If your gutters are still in good condition giving them a good cleaning is always a good idea. This keeps them functioning properly and prevents costly water damage to your home!




Add shutters and/or window boxes:

Shutters and window boxes can add beauty to any home. Shutters are a great way to add some accent color and design to the exterior of your home. They add extra character and break up that plain solid color look on your home’s exterior. Window boxes are another way to add some color to your home. You can paint them the same accent colors as you shutters and the flowers you plant will add that little something extra to your homes appearance.



Clean up your home and windows:

Here in the great Sunshine State pollen can be your worst nightmare. It covers everything around, including your home! This build up of dirt and pollen can leave your exterior paint looking dull and dingy. Pressure washing the exterior of your home will give it a whole new and refreshed look without the cost of a new paint job. The same dirt and pollen that builds up on your home also sticks to all those glass surfaces so getting a window cleaning will give your home that new shine it has been missing.


We apprieciate you sticking with us this month as we gathered different ways to help your curb appeal! We hope you have some great new ideas to add to the curb appeal of your home! We here at A&R Property Preservation would love to help you with your home improvement plans! We can help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget. Call today at 407-774-0004 for a FREE on site estimate and let’s get started today making your home the envy of the block!


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