Tip #2: Jazz Up the Entryway

Walking up to a home with an elegant entryway gives us a much different first impression then walking up to a door that is chipped or falling apart. There are many ways to update your entryway. Some are quick fixes while others can completely transform the look of your home.


Repaint and Refresh:

You don’t need to purchase a brand new door to refresh your entryway. Fresh paint is a fantastic way to boost curb appeal and protect your front door from damage from the elements. You can make a bold color statement or keep it simple with a new coat of stain for a more natural wood look. Consider adding some now address numbers to really amp up the space and allow for better recognition from the street.




Create some symmetry:

Adding symmetry to your front entryway is one of the most eye pleasing things you can do. This gives your home the first impression of being well put together and it’s also one of the simplest things to do. The best ways to create symmetry for that added curb appeal are to add planters or lighting. Lighting is great because it not only gives that eye pleasing symmetry during the day but, at night, that extra fixture will give you added light for safety purposes.


Add or update your walkway:

Adding a new walkway to your home adds a huge amount of curb appeal to your property. whether you decide to add a new brick walkway or maybe even stain your current concrete, it can make a huge difference on how put together your home looks. Once the walkway is done putting plants along the edges will give it that perfect finishing touch.


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