Tip #1: Enhance Your Mailbox

What is the first thing you see from a house while driving down the street? That’s right, it’s the mailbox. This is a seemingly small part of a home but it can become a big eyesore or a jaw dropper. There are many small things you can do to upgrade this item of your home.



Add some new color:

If your mailbox is looking a little dull simply adding a fresh coat of paint can give it a major facelift. If you are feeling a little adventurous paint it with a bright color. Whether you decide on a simple or adventurous color it will give your mailbox a refreshed look. Don’t forget the post as well! If you have a wooden post that should be stained to bring fresh new life to your mailbox.




Add new address numbers:

We can all agree that one of the most frustrating things is heading to someone’s home and being unable to tell which house it is. When the house number is not clearly displayed it can be very difficult to tell which house is yours. This is not only important for visitors but is also important for safety. a prominent house number can help first responders get to the right address faster. There are so many different options to add house numbers to your mailbox. There are vinyl, wood, reflective, and so many more the options are practically endless.


stonepost1 mailboxflowers

Upgrade the post:

The biggest way to make a mailbox look brand new is to make it that way! Think about changing out your current post with stone or brick. There are many different options and they are not always as pricey as they sound. There are stone surrounds that can be installed around the post to give the illusion of a full stone post without the price. If you want to stick with your current post you can still update it by staining and adding some landscaping around it. Mulch, plants, and flowers surrounding the post can change your mailbox from an eye sore to an eye catcher!


Hopefully with these tips you can start thinking of some awesome ideas for your new mailbox upgrade! Remember We here at A&R Property Preservation would love to help you with your home improvement plans! We can help you come up with a plan that fits your needs and budget. Call today at 407-774-0004 for a FREE on site estimate and let’s get started today making your home the envy of the block!

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